About Us

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of flexible packaging in KwaZulu Natal and the surrounding areas through a world class factory and highly motivated and trained staff.

Flowe-Pac was founded in August 2000 by Anthony McCleary, whose valuable technical and mechanical knowledge in the textile industry, together with his business focus and drive to succeed, has contributed to the company's success and impressive growth since 2015.

Our 5 000m2 company owned premises is home to impressive machinery and a multi-driven operation that produces a wide variety of packaging materials. Flowe-Pac, always placing our customers first, stands by its motto – “By service we grow!”


Flowe-Pac employs over 100 people. We have a dedicated employee training centre for training, upskilling and development in every area of the company. Fully invested in the community, Flowe-Pac get involved with numerous donations and social development initiatives.

As well as collecting material from customers to recycle, Flowe-Pac recycles all scrap plastic back into re-usable raw material in our recycling plant. As a result, we have managed to stabilise the price of recycled raw material, which was previously governed by outside suppliers, giving us a more cost effective end product for our customers.

Our quality management system was implemented in 2004 and certified for ISO 9001. In July 2019 we were awarded our food safety compliance certificate for ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP). Additionally, we are Health and safety, BEE, SARS and Labour relation compliant.


Together we can achieve more.
Better as the sum of our parts than as individuals, we work as a team!


Passion drives us to be better and achieve more.

With the ever evolving plastic industry and the pressure to temper its impact on the environment, we place an emphasis on sustainability and ecologically responsibly.

With customers pushing hard for fast turnarounds, flexibility in development and production are key factors that drive our business.

We believe accountability is key for maintaining our loyal customer base and business growth.

Certificates of Compliance