Owner managed and customer centric, we stand for service and delivery…

The accolades we have received stand as testimony to the level of quality that we provide. The loyalty of customers that have been around for over 16 years, speaks volumes as to how customer focused we are .... but let them speak for themselves....


Flowe-Pac has been supplying packaging material to Belgotex for more than 15 years. Mr Anthony Macleary and his team surely meet the criteria for our needs, in technical innovation, quality and teamwork. Flowe-Pac aligns themselves to Belgotex's Green Star Sustainability initiative in finding solutions, including using recycled plastic, a progressive step in reducing plastic pollution. Flowe-Pac distinctively stands by their motto 'By Service We Grow'.

Orange Grove Dairy

Flowepac started supplying Orange Grove Dairy with our milk sachet material in 2008.

The price was good and flowepac was hungry for a new customer.  Anthony McCleary, the owner of flowepac, has since supported us with technical knowledge.  Once a month a quality controller from flowepac visits Orange Grove Dairy for a quality check.  A full outside audit is done and training provided for our operators.

We have grown into UHT and Flowepac supplies us with all of our shrink and pallet wrap.

Flowepac's key account manager, calls on us regularly introducing innovations and support.

In summary, flowepac is positively dedicated and services the industry with passion.

"Together we make it happen"

Willowton Group

Having dealt with Flow Pac for some time now, I have found the team to be very accommodating to our print needs.
The company has in some instances gone beyond the call of duty to assist us with print solutions and innovative ideas. the attention to detail and quality have exceeded all expectations and we hope to grow our partnership with them in the years to come.